Challenge 2: CROP-R

Open government data for sustainable farming

DDBFarming needs to be sustainable. We need healthy soils, sustainable use of resources, healthy animals and rich landscapes. Can current open government data be used to empower farmers to innovate on sustainability? Could this data be used to better integrate policy measures in farm practices? Could available data be used to build an interface through which farmers can communicate with stakeholders, possible partners, and society at large?

This challenge evolves around ideas to help turn (geographic) data into actionable insights. Dutch open government data will be made available.

The problem to be addressed (subject to change)

Sustainability on a farm comes in all sorts and sizes. One farmer might be taking nature conservation measures; the next could be taking special measures to keep his soil fertile and healthy or contribute to reducing carbon emissions. In any case, all farmers have a certain impact on sustainability.

One of the main problems for farmers regarding sustainability is to make it tangible. How can farmers show what they are doing and achieving? Because they don’t have easy ways to demonstrate what they are doing, farmers have a hard timing convincing stakeholders around them about their potential contribution to sustainability. Should they be able to improve the communication for their impact, new opportunities can arise to create value.

Can open government data be used to empower farmers to communicate with stakeholders, possible partners, and society at large? The challenge originates from a project dedicated to breaking down greening policy measures into actionable insights for farmers. The project has just finished the first user research phase, the collected insights will be available during the hackathon.

Datasources  (Open government data, description in Dutch)

Dataset Beschrijving Link
Agrarisch Areaal,Nederland (AAN),(RvO) Geografische afbakening van
landbouwgrond in Nederland (bouwland, blijvend grasland of de teelt van
blijvende gewassen).
zoek op agrarisch areaal
op NGR (
BRP Light,(RvO) Geometrie,en gewassen. Welke gewassen groeien op welke percelen? Zoek op BRP op NGR.,
of direct:
Natura,2000,(Aerius) Begrenzing,van Natura2000-gebieden inclusief nabijgelegen buitenlandse,Natura2000-gebieden. via Nationaal GeoRegister, Overige Natura2000
informatie via
Habitatkar-tering,(Aerius) Habitatkartering,van Natura2000-gebieden van Nederland en nabijgelegen gebieden in het,buitenland. via: Nationaal GeoRegister
Actueel Hoogtebestand
AHN is een bestand met,voor heel Nederland gedetailleerde en precieze hoogtegegevens. Van elke,vierkante meter is bekend wat de hoogte is. Viewer:
Recreatie Actuele,topografische kaarten, langeafstandswandelrouten en landelijke fietsroutes,worden aangeboden middels webservices van PDOK

Inspiration and relevant links

Contact challenger (name, email, Skype, mobile)

Ivor Bosloper – CTO Crop-R

T:  +31 507001511
M: +31 639562807